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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Grandchild's Lament

D'ya have to be a punk Nan,
I mean, you're gettin' on a bit
For all those facial piercings,
Tattoos and all that shit.

And what about your music Nan'
I like Tupac, Biggie and Snoop,
But all we get at your house
Is Sex Pistols on a loop!

When you pick me up from school Nan
D'ya think that you could change
Cos your New Rocks and bondage trousers
Make people look at you strange.

It's not that I'm embarrassed Nan,
Oh no, no, not a jot
But my friends have started teasing me
................. a lot.

It's not that I don't love you Nan,
In fact, I think you're kinda nifty, but....
D'ya HAVE to be a punk Nan,
After all, you're nearly fifty! 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A very Cheezey Wedding.

I must apologise to you all dear readers for the lack of posts recently. Real life has been very busy lately and, as a result, my cyber life has suffered somewhat. Mr Cheeze and I got married a month ago and were on honeymoon for two weeks. We are also in the process of moving to a new house (actually its very old!) so things have been very hectic here at Cheezey Towers and not conducive to writing blog posts.

A bit of background.
Mr Cheeze and I met at University whilst studying for our Archaeology degrees and have been together for over eight years so we decided it was probably time to make things official! Because we spend most of our lives in mud and clothed in what can only be described as 'Builder Chic' (hard hat, hi-vis vest and steel toe-capped boots) we wanted to be as glamorous as possible on our special day. We finally decided on a 1920s theme for the day with everyone dressing accordingly (which they did with some amazing results, as you will soon see!).

The Big Day!
The wedding took place at the Webbington Hotel & Spa just outside Weston-super-Mare, a lovely mock Tudor hotel with lovely staff to match. Mr Cheeze (okay, okay his name is Dave!) stayed at the venue the night before with his Best Man Charlie whilst I stayed with my parents for the night.

Dave & Charlie
Guests arriving
Meanwhile, at my parent's house, my niece Allana, who was to be my Maid of Honour, and I were getting ready.

Posh frock.
Shoes, veil and flowers.

My bag (something new) was bought for me by my Mom and my headband was made by Sally at Punk faery artworks  http://www.thepunkfaeryartworks.com/
check her stuff out, it is awesome!
Fan, my Grandmother's necklace (something old) & garter (something blue)
Just time for a quick smoke before leaving in the gorgeous 1924 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost!

With my beautiful niece Allana.

Our Groomsman Chris in his very fetching gamekeepers outfit!

Arrived at last!

Walking up the aisle.


My Dad was going to walk me up the aisle as is traditional, but unfortunately, because he has trouble with steps, he couldn't get up into the car so he went with my Mom in their car. By the time we arrived he was already seated at the front of the aisle so Allana and I walk up side by side instead. It was really nice to be walked up the aisle by my niece in such a spontaneous way, totally unplanned but that just made it more fun!

Saying our vows, with witnesses!

Signing the register with Allana, Chris, our Flower Girl Jenny (Dave's great niece) and Pageboy Callum (my grandson).

The best Mom & Dad in the world!

My lovely brothers Glenn (right) & Clive (left).

My wonderful sons and daughter (L-R Neil, Claire, Brian, Vincent, Phillip, Joe (and grandson Callum).
Dave with his parents and his brother Andrew.

With Dave's family (L-R nephew's girlfriend Vicky,
Aunt Maureen, nephew Darren, Mom, Dad, sister-in
law Tricia, Niece Lauren, Jenny, Niece's husband Dan,
brother Andrew).

With our bestest friends!

A much needed pint!

The cake.

Cutting the cake (with a trowel of course!).

The lovely old fireplace in the library.
In the library.

First Dance.
We thought that our family and friends might get bored if we did the usual 'stand and sway for three minutes' type of first dance so we went to dancing lessons for five months before the wedding in order to make it more interesting! We did the quick step to 'Let's Face the Music and Dance' by Nat King Cole, I think most people were impressed as we' had kept it a secret from everyone until the big day.
Off we go!

Ooops a little trepidation there I think!

And from then on much drinking and dancing into the night was indulged in by all! We had a wonderful day and would like to thank everyone who came and made our day so special. We stayed in the bridal suite that night and left for a two week honeymoon in Cornwall the next morning. 
Loadsa love 

D x

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Allotment Corner #3

Sorry for the scarcity of posts recently dear reader, but I am busy organising a wedding at the moment. Mr Cheeze and I are to be married in 1 months time and things are getting pretty hectic here at Cheezey Towers! The following post covers the goings on down at the allotments over the past couple of months, hope you enjoy!

These pics were taken about a month ago when we were ready to rotavate the top half of the allotment after removing the weeds and adding all the compost we could bring from our garden. There was, however, a slight problem with the rotavator so Mr Cheeze and a fellow allomenteer started by trying to fix the problem.

Whilst this was going on I took some pics of the local primary school children who had come for a visit. They are going to start their own garden at the school so they had a field trip to pick up some tips and help out on the allotments.

Getting some tips on weeding!

Meanwhile the boys were still having trouble, even with a third helper the damn thing still wouldn't co-operate!

A watering lesson.

Not content with having to repair one contraption they found another to play with!

Time for a quick group photo for the local paper.

Say 'Cheeze'!

Time to go back to class.

Yup, still there!

 Our plot with a layer of compost applied ready to be rotavated (once the damn thing is operational)!

 Guess what the guys were up to, yup, still playing.

At last the rotavator was fixed and it was time to dig all that compost in.

 Once the ground was prepared it was time to plant our fruit bushes. Blackcurrants first!

After digging the hole for each bush, a layer of wood ash was added, fruit bushes love wood ash!

After placing the bush in the hole the soil around was firmed down and the watering in could begin!

The same procedure was then followed for our three gooseberry bushes.
Next, the raspberries!

Gooseberries on the left and blackcurrants on the right.
 Our next visit was in order to plant the potatoes!
Our first spud! A King Edward.

Drawing up the soil around the spuds.

Watering in!
 The finished potato patch.

The finished fruit area with gooseberries and blackcurrants on the right and raspberries on the left, there is also a blackberry at the base of the stick in the middle of the plot but there is nothing much to see of it yet. We will be training it along wires as it grows so that it spreads across the whole width of the plot forming a partition between the fruit and the potato patch.

Our dwarf Conference pear tree, we will be planting a Bramley apple and a damson tree shortly. There are strawberries in the raised bed on the left of the pic.
Well that's the top half of the allotment pretty much done! Later in the year we will be adding a shed and a bench to sit on and some bark chippings for decorative affect! We are really looking forward to sitting there on the summer evenings after a hard days allotmenteering, with a beer/cider and a barbecue. Just the bottom half to get sorted now!

Cheezey D x